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Developers on Demand

Developers on Demand

Why do companies Nearshore?

Why do companies Nearshore?

The nearshore model is described as any outsourcing location "near" to its primary market (i.e. Eastern European countries to Western European Countries). Team Extension® takes this model and expands on it by adding the American way of doing business and the Swiss management by providing constant supervision of their resources. This model promotes the following advantages to our clients:

  • Proximity and time zone
  • Cultural affinity and ease of doing business
  • Cost savings
  • Managing expectations
  • Easiness in adaptation regarding projects
  • Access to rare, valuable and specialized talent
  • Protection over client IP
  • Clients can focus on their core business

These benefits represent the most elemental form of value proposition for a nearshore offering, since they are seemingly available for every company that establishes in a nearshore location, and for a seasoned global sourcing professional can be easily justifiable.

Why are Freelancers walking away from being independent?

Why are Freelancers walking away from being independent?

At a glance freelancing has been viewed as a liberating way to earn a living where the freelancer has total control of their time. While this type of working environment is highly praised it comes with many disadvantages. Many freelancers can go several days without having any face-to face interactions with anyone. This kind of complete solitude doesn’t work, life without colleagues can be lonely and uninspiring. Even small things, like the lack of small talk, can leave a freelancer lonely. In addition to feeling lonely and not a part of team a freelancer is always worrying about his/her next project in order to keep their financial situation afloat. Reasons such as these are driving freelancers to rejoin the corporate world where they can begin to feel part of a team again and gain financial security. We at Team Extension® need our resources to find happiness and, in turn, career success.

Our Talent Is Handpicked

Our Talent Is Handpicked

We employ talented English speaking developers who are experts in new and upcoming mobile and web technologies. Our talent is dedicated, loyal, creative and result driven. All of our developers pursued studies and completed BS/MS in Computer Science, as well as certifications in each of their fields. Our developers are required to complete on-going education within their respective specialties to remain up to date on the latest trends and technologies.

Team Longevity

Team Longevity

Our company follow the Team Extension® Model (TEM) which ensures our developers regardless of rank become an essential part of the client’s project. Once a talent has been staffed on a project team they are completely dedicated to the project. We guarantee that our talent is dedicated to one project only and not multiple. Our model offers the flexibility of our resources to work on our clients site, In-house from one of our two Bucharest locations or remotely through our portal.

We don't believe in staffing our resources on multiple projects as that hinders the quality of the developer's output as well as our partnership with our clients. We at Team Extension® believe in building and sustaining our relationships and continuously delivering quality.

Competitive Pricing

Competitive Pricing

Our (TEM) model, allows our clients to enjoy the luxury of hiring vetted developers on demand and the associated benefits that come with it, as well as the added benefit of Team Extension SRLs low prices. Our clients are guaranteed a locked in price, which protects our clients from running over budget. In addition to our competitive prices our TEM model also allows our client to scale up or down their operations with a shorter notice without impacting their bottom line.




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Ready to take your business to new heights?

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